First of all, my Pan of Steel journey began as a late teen when becoming a member of the BT Melodians Steel Orchestra. I learnt to play pan and enjoyed touring with the group, visiting many different countries, and have been fortunate enough to play for distinguished officials including members of the royal family.  Terry - (band leader) - could see my passion for pans and encouraged me to apply for a sponsorship to travel to Trinidad and learn how to make and tune pans. The opportunity to be trained by the late Master tuner Leslie Bernard in Trinidad, then continue my development back in the UK mentored by Bertram 'Parris'. This was accomplished under the  guidance of Terry Noel.

As a result this training has enabled me to develop my pan tuning skills. For the last 20 years  I have been tuning pans in schools and bands around the UK and abroad. Furthermore, my recommendations has always been word of mouth with clients coming back.

What Terry Noel Had to say,

"During his time as a member of the orchestra I was very impressed by the enthusiasm, patience and dedication when working with other members of the orchestra."

"Steve spent some time in Trinidad under the tutorship of the late Leslie Bernard - a master tuner of the Arima Melodians Steel Orchestra WI.

I then put together a 6 week intensive program setting targets on a weekly basis that would help Steve learn the basics of Pan -making and tuning. This was a very new idea in the Pan making world." 

Quote from Leslie in his final evaluation

"Steve was very much interested in his work. He showed himself to be a self starter and very motivated. He enjoyed what he was doing, and was always punctual.

I was very happy to have Steve with me and train him for the duration of his course and I am very satisfied with his performance. Steve and I had a very good relationship and I hope that this will continue."

  "Certainly my goal is to provide a service that is satisfactory to the customer - that the pan instruments are well maintained through restoration."


 ...He has been tuning them for over 10 years

"Steve was recommended to me by Terry Noel (MBE) from the Melodians Steel Orchestra and he has been tuning my steel pans for over ten years.

He is always so reliable, punctual and very thorough as well as being a genuinely nice guy. I would highly recommend him to anyone. 10/10 A*."

Nicky Fairey, Pantastic

 ...He is one of a few trusted steel pan tuners around! 

"I have seen Steve's development from a very good Pan Player to a trusted Steel Pan Tuner.

It is a job that requires a lot of patience, calmness and dedication. Steve has got it all.

There is no hesitation in recommending Steve as a tuner to any band. He is one of a few trusted steel pan tuners around".

  Terry Noel MBE JP,

Melodians Steel Orchestra UK

 ...We have been very pleased with the work Steve has done on our pans

"We have used Steve numerous times for the tuning of our own Pans, as well as recommending him to the various schools we work with.

We have been very pleased with the work Steve has done on our pans. He is reliable, diligent and hard working. Has worked miracles with school pans that were unplayable, returning them to use after years of neglect.

We would highly recommend Steve to anyone looking for a reasonably priced Steel Pan Tuner who delivers great results".

Jason Butcher (Leader)

Varina Kelman (Assis Leader),

Panash Steel Orchestra UK


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